Real Business Intelligence - See Beyond the Noise

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In a fully connected world, how do you determine what's meaningful or just noise?

High impact

Exclusive event for senior-level professionals, with a carefully curated curriculum, focused on what you need to know. Leave with tools that help "move the needle".


More than a tech conference, an immersive educational experience in a world-class academic setting. With extraordinary, uniquely qualified faculty, a collection of experts you will not hear elsewhere.

Ahead of the trends

Explore the trends impacting your information management, analytics and business intelligence strategies. Learn to think about the future and turn it into real strategic plans and specific actions.


Beyond The Noise

A Future of Clarity, Purpose and Unique Perspective

The 2018 Real Business Intelligence conference is the only industry event for business and IT communities designed to help them:


Transcend convention with new ideas and creative approaches to problem solving


Prepare for an uncertain future - mobilizing resources using innovative methods, processes, and strategies


Apply new information management techniques to deliver breakthrough results

June 27 - June 28


MIT Tang Center

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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The Signals Are Talking

The worlds most successful executives must manage the present and innovate for the future. This requires a new kind of strategic thinking. Drawing from her bestselling, award-winning book, Amy Webb explains how leaders and business intelligence professionals can harness a futurists strategic tools for the benefit of their organizations. In this presentation, you will learn how to think like a futurist, how to rethink risk, and how youll know when to act. As a backdrop, Webb will share future scenarios of some leading emerging technologies: artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and biohacking helping you discover your own ability to not only forecast whats on the horizon, but how to create your own preferred future today, in the present.

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Asking Catalytic Questions – Before It’s Too Late

Powerful organizational and industrial forces can keep any business executive from hearing (or asking) uncomfortable questions, and creating a “good-news cocoon,” at his or her own peril. It can be exceedingly dangerous in an era when dramatic market shifts can happen unexpectedly. In this talk, Gregersen discusses how leaders and organizations can escape the innovator’s most dangerous blind spot, the space where “we don’t know what we don’t know.” Based on in-depth interviews with more than 200 of the world’s best question-asking leaders, including Charles Schwab’s Walt Bettinger, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Tesla’s Elon Musk, Pixar’s Ed Catmull, and General Stanley McChrystal, he reveals three daily disciplines these executives rely on to surface the right questions. Gregersen also helps audience members become better questioners in real time by sharing key questioning tools and helping them unlock solutions, innovations and processes.

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MIT Tang Center

70 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA

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